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We understand that you have a range of expert directories to choose from, or may find your own experts by recommendation or word of mouth. We have over 200 members undertaking a range of medico-legal work. Some of them will belong to other Expert Witness directories, others choose just to belong to MLACP.
We know you will only appoint an expert once you have seen their CV and are happy that your expert is right for your client. Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the right expert. We may be able to help signpost you to a relevant physiotherapy expert. Have a look at our Directory of Members, of if you have very specific requirements, please contact our Secretary. We will try and help you find a suitable expert for your consideration where we can.
Please do not include any client identifiable information in any e-mails to us.

Directory of members

Our physiotherapist members who can demonstrate that they are currently educated, trained and competent in medico-legal report writing are eligible for inclusion in our Directory of Members. We do not endorse any member listed in our Directory, but those listed have agreed that you may contact them directly to discuss your client’s expert witness needs.

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About Physiotherapy

In broad terms physiotherapy is concerned with human movement performance and function. Physiotherapists use a range of physical, cognitive and other interventional approaches to restore, maintain, improve, or manage the planned decline of movement and activity in individuals caused by ageing, disease, injury and/or disability.

Physiotherapy has been a fully autonomous diagnostic profession since 1977. The titles ‘physiotherapist’ and ‘physical therapist’ are protected by law and only those listed on the relevant register held by the Regulator may practise using a protected title. The statutory regulator for physiotherapists is The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Some physiotherapists may also prescribe Prescription Only Medicines (POMs) for their patients, including some controlled drugs. A physiotherapist prescriber must have an additional annotation against their HCPC registration.

You can check to see if your physiotherapist is registered by checking their name against the HCPC register

The degree to which an individual physiotherapist will undertake ‘diagnosis’ of their patient’s presenting condition will depend on their experience and job role, and whether they are able to request and/or interpret diagnostic imaging investigations to assist with their clinical decision making. However, all physiotherapists are required to make a physiotherapy diagnosis and plan the management of their patient’s condition in accordance with regulatory requirements and good professional practice.